How does Bino work?

How it works

  • What do I need?
    A smartphone, a free app and a Bino bracelet.
    User-friendly mobile app
    That’s all you need to never lose sight of your children. In only 5 steps you’ll create extra safety for your children.
  • The Bino bracelet
    You can simply buy the Bino bracelet in our webshop.
    User-friendly mobile app
    In our webshop you can choose your preferred bracelet and you’ll be able to pay through our safe online payment system. Once you have ordered, you’ll receive the Bino bracelet at the given location.
  • Installing the My Bino app
    The configuration of the Bino bracelet takes only a few seconds with the My Bino mobile app.
    User-friendly mobile app
    You can download the My Bino app for iOS and Android smartphones on the Apple app and Google Play store.
  • Connect your Bino bracelet
    The connection between your Bino bracelet and My Bino app isn’t just easy but it’s also very fast.
    User-friendly mobile app
    Open the My Bino app and hold your bracelet next to your smartphone for some Bino magic. It doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Personalize
    Do you have multiple Bino bracelets you want to connect to your My Bino app? No problem! Every bracelet can be personalised so that you can distinguish one from another.
    User-friendly mobile app
    Now you can keep an eye on every child you have added.
  • Relax
    The My Bino app will warn you in real-time when one of your children runs of to far. So sit back and relax while Bino keeps an eye on your children.
Interested in Bino?

You have several bambino’s/children running around? And you would like to be one of the first to use the Bino bracelet and the My Bino app then buy your preferred bracelet and get it shipped right away.

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