Frequently asked questions

We get asked the same questions a lot but with good reason. Because of this we conclude that there’s a lot of uncertainty about several things. That’s why we answer the questions in our FAQ.


What is the maximum distance you can set your Bino bracelet before the My Bino app alarms you?

The maximum distance is about 35 meters. Our Bino bracelet doesn’t work in meters but in sensitivity. a higher sensitivity means that your child will be able to run away less far before the My Bino app alerts you. The opposite applies if you reduce your sensitivity.

What happens to the Bino bracelet when the battery is empty?

The battery itself isn’t replaceable but the core inside the Bino bracelet is. This means that you don’t have to throw away the Bino bracelet and order a new one when the battery is dead. These cores will be available in our webshop in a later stage. You can save battery life by using the useful on/off function. By doing this you deactivate the bracelet when you’re not using it. You can also put the My Bino app on standbye to save extra battery life.

Where can I download the Android app?

You can download the Android app on the Google Play store.

Where can I download the iOS app?

You can download the iOS app on the Apple app store.

Will there be a My Bino app on windows?

A Windows app should be available in 2016

Can I buy the Bino bracelet in a physical store?

At the moment you can only purchase the Bino bracelet in our webshop.