Enjoy your peace of mind

It’s easy and efficient. Put the Bino bracelet on and the My Bino app will alarm you as soon as your child leaves a pre-set zone.


Does your child leave the pre-set zone? An alarm will set of instantly on your smartphone with the My Bino app.

Water resistant

Bino makes sure you never lose sight of your child. Even at the beach or in an amusement park.


Let others help you keep an eye out for your children by giving permission to e.g. your grandmother, aunt, babysitter etc.

How it works

User-friendly mobile app
User-friendly mobile app
Free download
Bino bangle
Child-friendly bracelet
With build in beacon technology, only for €26,95
  • Bino bracelet
    its playful design makes the Bino bracelet and child-friendly
  • My Bino mobile app
    My bino is free to download for both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Easy to connect
    Place the bracelet right next to your smartphone and the My Bino app will do the rest.
Interested in Bino?

You have several bambino’s/children running around? And you would like to be one of the first to use the Bino bracelet and the My Bino app then buy your preferred bracelet and get it shipped right away.

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Did you know?
With Bino you’ll never lose sight of your children.

Thanks to the unique combination of our child-friendly bracelet with bluetooth technology and the My Bino app you’ll be able to relax at the beach, zoo, amusement park, etc. without having to worry about your children running to far. Do your children decide to take off then you’ll get an automated notification on your smartphone and there will be an alarm. Because of this you can immediately take action.

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